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audiophreak said:
Question ...  for C2 I have a .033 ( trying to use what I have on hand )  its .022 on Schematic, would this be O.K. or is this critical ?

.022 to 1M cuts bass at 7.2hz
.033 to 1M cuts bass at 4.8hz

do we care?

of course not.
I use that link all the time just to figure out what I can get away with... Someday I'll have every cap I'd ever need in stock, ready to go ;)
  Helloo ....  ;D

  I am using one of these PT for  some G-pultec's  - - ( 261G6 ) and can easily use one for this project, but want to build a quad of these.
  I figure  72mA for Plate draw and 1.8A for heaters, the 6.3v secondary is 2.0A  - is that pushing it too close ?
In my experience with hammonds, they're pretty tough, and can take whatever they're rated for. You're using about 30VA, it's rated for 45VA.
Should be a go...
Just wanted to update :  I now have a working P2P of NYDave One Bottle, and so far, like what I hear  :)

  Still have a few things to check and adjust, some voltages are off from whats on the Schematic, but it passes audio, no strange noises, seems quiet too , and so far sounds good to me, will post some pics soon.

  Thanks NewYork Dave, Freddy G , Kingston , gemini86 , all all who posted, and to this great forum.... Man I love this stuff !  :)
 Hello.... here is a link to some pics, a little messy, but it works and I think it sounds great !
...  some concerns though ...  in the schematic Tube Pin 1 is listed as +55vdc, I'm getting+78vdc, Pin 6 listed as +105vdc, I've got +181vdc - both seem too high.  Pin 3 is listed as +1.7vdc, I have +1.6vdc, seems ok , ans Pin 8 is listed as +1.8vdc, I'm getting +0.87vdc, seems too low.

Just concerned about the large difference in voltage readings from schematic to what I'm getting.

should I try and increse the values of R6 and R9

 and my HT is +273vdc In,. and getting+239vdc after R13, schmatic lists +235vdc  so that seems o.k.

 any thoughts ... anyone ?

 Thanks  ;D
Your voltages are fine. They just indicate that the tubes specimen you have doesn't drink as much current as the ones NYD had when he was measuring his build. Tubes can vary a lot when it comes to this, but they are also very tolerant. Swap another in, and the voltages will be different. But 12AV7 would happily run even 300VDC B+ so don't worry about it.

With wildly different voltages the distortion points (and headroom) of the tube change, but you won't hear much - if any - difference with a heavy feedback design like the NYD one bottle.
Thanks Kingston !
      This is my first " here's a schematic and a pile of parts " build, and I think I did fairly well, need to rotate the input trans for easier/neater wiring of in/out. I have parts for another chanel, but am planning this to be a quad, will need to hold off a little while for the cost of the transformers though  ;D  I'm really diggin the way this thing sounds.

  Thanks again to All
looking good ,
I have retro fitted some mono mixers with
direct out [ 1 tube two stage of course ]
and most of the parts are wired directly
to the tube sockets
more cramped but takes up less room
Jeez I can't believe it's been two years since I've been on this forum!
When I checked what my last message was it was this...still loving my 8 channel NewYorkDave mic pres. So here's something I just recently recorded. Everything except the spaced pair overheads is NewYorkDave one bottle mic pres.

Just a rough mix:
NICE !!!  Thats awesome !!!  I'm lovin my quad of NYDave one bottles too  ;D    I did some work with a couple of horn sections ( cant release clips though )  one with sm98s , but I did one with the mxl 603 Royer mod tubes through these NYDave One Bottles and the sound was just incredible !

  Thanks for helping me through mine , next up MILA  ;D

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