Re: EZ Tube Mixer Support Thread
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I have heard that some of the drivers are a bit suspect at the higher sample rates I have seen something similar with my Scartlett interface. Nice to know it is not the tubes.



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Re: EZ Tube Mixer Support Thread
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Hello groupDIY EZ Tube Mixer Support Thread.

In hopes of keeping Mr. Thompson-Bell and I's CTC Design conversations to this thread I am ignoring the 120 day auto-prompt urging a new thread be started.

Given our discussions have led to designs developed by Holger Classen homage to passive tube mastery, the 12 channel Krassemascine. (well done mate!)

That said, my endeavour into the world of Analog Audio Design is educationally motivated and medically prescribed to replace costly therapy for Amnesia, DID and C-PTSD, instead re-focusing my thought patterns to PASSIVE TUBE AUDIO THERAPY through the fantastic art of PCB Population!
Long and Short term memory loss is the largest factor. Already the repetition of researching Mr. Thompson-Bell's designs has helped me to recall some simple electronic basics from my past.

DISCLAIMER: This type of therapy is not recommended as actual Medical Therapy. Mr. Thompson-Bell has been guiding me to this point for well over a year with many therapy sessions making note of the progress. This decision was made to re-educate myself and in turn my 12 year old son and 2 year old daughter in the art of Soldering.

In case anyone makes it this far, I should state that the largest contribution I hope to  make to the Custom Tube Console line of Audio Designs is to build out and thoroughly document the process, with both documentary style filmed footage and coloured step by step "The Custom Tube Console Playbook" coffee table read on every and all CTC designs i/we can work on togethers.

Outside of some main outlandish design ideas (the HexaQuad 64 - a Dolby Atmos Custom Tube Master Monitor Controller) I can share the current design layouts, once I have shared them and gotten feedback from Mr. Thompson-Bell.



Re: EZ Tube Mixer Support Thread
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Welcome to the group Wall. There is a wealth of expertise here all willing to offer advice.



'The only people not making mistakes are the people doing nothing'

Re: EZ Tube Mixer Support Thread
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Hello groupDIY

I moved this from the Draft forum however I cannot remove the original post. None the less this is a better place for my familys goals.

I am looking for any insight into our development of online lesson plan for Mr. Thompson-Bell's MKIII Tube Console design.
Presently my 12 year old son and I are building out a Classic EZ Tube Mixer verbatim to the original specs.
That said it makes no sense to create 3D exploded modelling and interactive step by step lesson plans given the new MKIII is in development.

THE FURNITURE: We wanted to created something portable and classic that incorporates the compact size, flexibility and ease of implementation into new audio environments.
This is the basic idea for the MKIII Furniture with the addition of hinged fold out legs of some sort that double as a 19" rack when in desk format while protection when collapsed.

THE PLAYBACK: The goal is to create a console that accommodates close proximity mixing in 3D digital audio programs like Wwise, Dolby Atmos or Fmod where traditional channel based monitoring is replaced with a digital, malleable sphere around the users position.

The MKIII 12 Analog in 19 " space meant we could design and build a comprehensive mastering and monitoring system build on Tube and Analog tech in a large format.
At this point, with artwork, modeling and lesson plans in progress we are hoping to get some insight into the best way to present a affordable or even free educational program where the lessons are built on MKIII builds.

DIY Audio & Soldering Online Lesson Plan
With a multi-national collective of very forward thinking and established DIY Audio Device Designers and Manufacturers we have developed a "badge" certification system for DIY home builders.

The program is simple, we support a group of 13 interested parties contributing to a DIY Crate of the Month Bulk Buyers club. Along with Hakko America (Partner) & Electro Harmonix (Partner) we have a website and online cloud based teaching platform called PATREON we are offering our course through.

DIY Kits & Educational Hakko America Soldering Kits are purchased  through our Patreon,, platform and shipped directly to students from the manufacturers each month.
We support the construction of these Pro Audio Devices and the existing manufacturers instructions.
below are a list of our programs founding partners.

DIY Kits are offered at discounted bulk pricing for 13 online classmates at a time with a whole slew of builds to choose from.

HAKKO America
Trinity Amps
Erica Synths
Microphone Parts
Electronics by Uwe Beis
Ethan Winers
Electro Harmonix

Look forward to hearing your ideas.



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