Re: [BUILD] CAPI FC526~500 Series~FET Limiter Kit~Official Support Thread
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Too All Guys having problems with TP2 during the first part of the calibration (Q-Bias) on a XFMR model and before you start scrutinizing your DT05 and resistors.....

DOUBLE CHECK YOU HAVE BRIDGED THE JUMPER ON RV7! (that little nugget costed me 4 hours)

I used logic pro x and the built in Test Oscillator plugin, output pointed towards the FC526.

0.0245 V = approx. -30dbu, measure with RMS voltmeter across Pin 2 & Pin 3 XLR out, adjust DAW out to get 0.0245 V and bypass all the patch bays and other crud

Good Luck, Mines Awesome :) Thanks Jeff!!