Auto switch on/off talkback
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Hi all!

My studio is based an a Mac G5 running Logic. I'm looking for an automatic talkback system that can switch on when the DAW is stopped and off when its playing or recording.
I usually use a mic hooked up in a normal channel, and its open all the time for better communication between control room and musicians but it would be nice to have it switched off

 My idea is a box with a relay that you could insert after the micpreamp that receives for instance miditimecode from the computer or something like that.
Does anyone know of a DIY project with anything like this?

I know Gyraf has made something like that in the studio where he is based.....

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Auto switch on/off talkback
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might even be simpler then that. run a gate in duck mode on your talkback channel/micpre, etc,etc.

As we may know  a gate will open and allow audio to pass through once the audio has passed the set threshold level. A gate switched to duck will do the opposite(not allow audio to pass thorugh) and close once audio has  passed a set threshold level. Same controls still apply such as attack, release, range, etc. So what would be going on if you set the threshold right, when you talk the channel is open  but when you play music the music being louder will have the channel turn off. Works  on communication mics in the studio as well.
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Auto switch on/off talkback
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Barry Rudolph had a trick like that. Do a search for his site, it's one of his articles.

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Auto switch on/off talkback
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you can also use a gate for the mic channel with external side chain from the playback, but you might get some half duplex communication problems.
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Auto switch on/off talkback
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I have a talkback project with a contact closure so if you can provide a GPI from the DAW then things could work.
project is long finished but the web page is very incomplete

uses SSM2142 and 2143 along with a relay for for the duck
and an SSM2017 or 2019 for the mic-pre with a relay for the talk over.

PCB + Power Toroid + I/O connectors ... that's it I think.
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