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ADM Console For Sale

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Aug 22, 2005
Los Angeles
Hi All,
Haven't posted in a while, but check in occasionally. Making more music than gear these days.
Reluctantly letting go of my ADM V1203 console. Includes power supply, patch bay, and custom stand. Modified by forum member Bluebird. Came to me with: 10 mic/line pres (2780) Transformer direct outs(9 working). 14 1540 eq's (2 missing). 6 channel return. I think he installed output transformers on those channels as well. Mods include diy discrete op amps and Triad Geoformer transformers on the inputs. Q controls installed on EQs. Hardy op amps on the main bus.
I used this mostly to record drums in my old place, but I had to move and don't have the room for it anymore. I'd like to see it stay together, but need to clear space in my much smaller studio). Its been sitting a couple years, but was working up until I moved. $3200 OBO. Southern California local pickup only.
IMG_0030.JPGThanks, Michael

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