D-EF47 Tribute To Oliver Archut U47 Build Thread.

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Oct 5, 2020
What is the beef with Mic & Mod?
selling off the shelf parts at 2-5x markups with work scraped from this site without credit. Borderline scam. Outrageous lies about part origin. If you want basically anything M&M sells, make a WTB thread in sales or contact chunger, or anyone else who does business with the same companies at volume. Even Dachman, who has similar issues, has more fair pricing than M&M. He's got literally the same parts up for less than half that price! Even that's still a bit high.
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Feb 1, 2021
Finishing up this great mic project, thanks Dan and Mr Archut up there. Powering up the PSU without mic connected or dummy load, I get B+ 105, H+ 30V, If I move the polar pattern switch to the other position, B+ goes to the roof 250+ or so. I've read the thread and I get some sense this might be normal and that I need to get the mic plugged or use dummy load 150K 1/2 watt for B+ and 30 ohm 4 watt for heater, to get more proper readings?
I went through every component value, orientation (for those that matter) and it seems I have everything up to spec. I don't have those resistors handy, so its either plug the mic and see if it explodes or somethin' or wait a couple of days for resistors...?

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