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Mar 10, 2005
Manchester, UK
The ez760 project is now complete..... here are a pair of them;



Gustav will be producing the PCB's and if there is enough interest Dan (ddt) will be producing a version of the metalwork (in his own style).....

[The main reason for this feeler is to gauge the amount of interest so that Dan can manufacture cases at the same time as those for the ez1084 EQ in order for him to keep the cost down]

Almost all the parts are either "off the shelf" or can be substituted by off the shelf parts....... we will get the unusual parts into stock for those who want to make it exactly as shown. (except for the meter which is no longer manufactured..... but Hairball has a suitable alternative)

Here are the instructions;

It works and sounds just like the item on which it is based.... a little better in fact

Put your requirements in this thread if you are interested in PCBs or CASES.

PCBs from Gustav are found here;
Cases from ddt are foundhere;


Woah this is a cool project. What is the 760 based off. I am very unfamiliar with it. Do love seeing the carnhills and very nice instructions.

-Brice Conrad
Its based on an ADR Compex 760...

Colin, how much will PCB's cost? Are you going o be selling kits, as for the EQN500? If so, how much would these cost?


Interested in a stereo pair + front panels (or case if required)

Any chance for a 2u stereo front panel/case?

That would certainly cut costs when building a stereo version.

Would like to see some pricing before committing.

I'll add another ditto for a ballpark price before I commit.

If all's good, I'd probably say 2 for sure.  Maybe more.

I cannot really speak for Gustav or Dan regarding the prices...... but experience would suggest that a PCB of this size (it is big) will probably cost about GBP 50 and a chassis about GBP 80.
[The chassis in the photos were about GBP 100 each ... ]

Hi All.
Did the proto for Colin on this one, and he was kind enough to offer me to sell the boards here.

Theres a whole frame of a total of 11 boards for the project, and I can only fit two frames onto a panel.

I havent figured out the shipping yet, since the frame is too large for "regular" mail envelopes, but I can guarentee the price for a single set/frame will be no more than 50 euro, shipping included. If shipping/price fof the larger envelopes doesnt surprise me, it will be 90 euro for two shipped, 50 for one.

I'm in for one just the way it is.  How much is the estimated build cost?  How would this work for vocal tracking?  Not hitting it hard, just making sure I don't clip and to add some color.  Also what other transformer options are there?

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