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Jun 4, 2004
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This is a meta-thread, made to allow you to keep track of the posts concerning this single issue - I will continue re-editing this first post.

- All should be contained in this first post - which is re-edited regularily.

- Everyone is welcome to reply with comments and pointers to things they consider relevant. This will be copy/pasted into the first post, if the meta-keeper finds it relevant. (I deeply dislike censorship, but here it seems necessary for the sake of overview)

- On a regular basis, I will delete all posts but the first, and bump it to the top.

All things G1176 - the new "repost" thread. - the official 1176 help thread
MNat's alternative 1176 layout
Jump directly to Hum-solving tracks cuts of the "repost" thread
DIY 1176 vs Rev c Blackface - About sonic differences between the various 1176 models.
Hum-solving ground strap suggestion
(EXTERNAL LINK) - Orson's great condensed version of the good old "Feedback on the 1176.." thread. LOTS of important error-fixing tips here. Thanks, Orson!
G1176 : No smoke but then no signal... Including a great error- and signal-tracing post by Mark Burnley..
g1176 vu pegging in gr mode
Calibrating G1176 - Questions on the final touch-up.
Source for original UREI knobs, meters, switches, pots?! - Sourcing of "as-close-to-original-as-possible" for those of you that want a real looker..
G1176 North American parts list? - Sourcing components..
1176 *1 pin question - Possible confusion with/without the optional input transformer cleared here.
OEP vs Lundahl transformers in the 1176 - On using OEP's instead of Lundahls.
Transformer for 1176 50 VA too much ?? - on oversizing PSU transformer for the 1176-project.
G1176 2x24V transformer sourcing
1176 low gain.. - about the slightly lower overall gain in the clone compared to the original, and how to alter this if necessary.
Anybody knows how i have to connect 1176 trafo out? - Adding gain to the G1176, like the above.
Rewiring G1176 output transformer for more gain - Chef's instructions on how to rewire the output transformer for more gain.
Dual 1176 - Power supply enough? - on possibly using one common psu for two 1176'es
Possible meter for 1176? - how to determine if an unknown VU-meter will work in the G1176
G1176: Turn Switch to Push Button Wiring : Diagram Enclosed - about using push-buttons in stead of the rotary ratio switch.
Silly question on 1176 light.. - about the built-in light in Sifam VU-meters.
G1176 and SSL Comp PCB's - Thank you! - Sourcing of and comments on the ready-made PCB's.
fdh333 - Sourcing the FDH333 diodes needed for the 1176.
G1176 pair finished! - enjoy the pics and comments of Ric's beautiful boxes - as well as some info on sourcing components.
Need help on the 1176 - About the obscure "UA4706 T+C" found in the 1176 schematics. This is a fog-screen to put off cloners..
1176 Rev D cap BS - confusion about C14 in the various schematics.
G1176 R50 8k2? - on the missing "+8VU" setting
The "ALL" function on the Gyraf 1176 - adding the "Nuke" function - like pressing all ratio buttons at once..

The old 1176 thread.. - on restoring the RO giant thread. Look at Orson's compressed version (above) for now.
Distressor vs. 1176 - dale116dot7's brilliant Distressor dissection - it turns out to be closely related to the 1176.
Simple FET Compressor - About FET general attenuator circuits.
The Cut - On reducing possible hum in the circuit
Ground Strap  - On reducing possible hum in the circuit

The Gyraf 1176-DIY page


Semi-commercial kits:
Eddie C
Andrew at Purple Audio

Finished DIY-Units:
Geoff's pages detailing building a dual 1176 clone unit based on the mnats rev J PCB. Includes some notes on FET matching, parts and power supplies.
Hairball Audio - Partial kits, original knobs and switches, transformers, VU's, attenuators.....

..Have fun!

We love our DIY.

Jakob E.

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