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I am pleased to announce the SB4000 Project is complete and ready for production.  Significant time and resources went into developing this, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Any questions, please email me at [email protected], do not PM.

Boards will be $45USD each, plus $10USD for shipping for 1-4 boards.  Boards can now be placed on preorder in the White Market.  They will be arriving in approximately 3-1/2 weeks.  First round is for 75 boards, however if demand exceeds that I will place more on order.  They will be first come, first served.

Front Panels will be $50USD + Shipping (See below).  They will be back anodized aluminum with white silkscreening, professionally made, not a piece of fiberglass.  This is a very cost effective alternative to having your own made.  A high res picture is attached to this post.  They can be used with either Parmetal Or Modushop frames (there are 2 sets of conterbored drilling indexes machined onto the backside of the panel, so just drill
the appropriate ones for the frame you are using).  These are pretty much a gift, and I am selling them for very little over cost.  

That being said - If you want a front panel, then you MUST PREORDER THEM.

Pre-ordering for the panels will remain open until this Monday.  If for whatever reason you cannot make payment for them at this time but you 100% want one, please contact me.

Boards you can preorder or not, it is not mandatory, however if you're ordering a panel, for sanity and organizational purposes it will be much easier if you order your boards at the same time.

Kit shipping costs (Boards + Front Panel):

1 Kit - ($16USD)
2 Kits - ($18USD)
3-4 Kits ($20USD)

You can place your order here in the White Market:


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...just visited your white market, and the PayPal payment has been issued, I'm looking forward to this build. Thank You.
A lot of respect for all the work you put into this! I'm "rather" excited to start building a couple of SB4000's ;D
A full assembled unit:

SB4000_Full_Unit.jpg we go

The kit will include everything needed to build the entire unit EXCEPT iec inlet, power tx and knobs

Some highlights (to show we took quality into consideration)

-Panasonic FC/FM low esr caps throughout
-Epcos film caps
-Vishay ceramic and tantalum caps
-Low noise versions of all DIP IC's
-THAT 2181A in the audio chain
-THAT 2181C in the side chain
-Machined IC sockets
-3M ribbon cable and connectors
-Lorlin rotary switches
-Honeywell pots

All caps are 2X voltage for life expectancy considerations.

The parts kit price for the pre-order is $250 CAD, you can also pre-order the meter pictured on Mike's unit for $27 CAD.
Please note the boards and (Optional) Front Panels are not included in the kit, they must be ordered direct from ruckus328 on the white market

Shipping will be under $20 worldwide without meter and under $25 with. Exact shipping rates are hard to estimate without parts in hand and I don't like charging any individual more than it costs me to ship it.

Pre-order page will be up mid next week

With this build, I see that you only supply the faceplate. With the actual body of the rack, did you have to make the holes for the power socket, xlr sockets, etc, or did you find a body with the right holes already?

Also, how do these sound?
canidoit said:
With this build, I see that you only supply the faceplate. With the actual body of the rack, did you have to make the holes for the power socket, xlr sockets, etc, or did you find a body with the right holes already?

Also, how do these sound?

Depending on what Ptownkid comes up with though, a predrilled ready to go chassis would obviously be the simplest:)

But, the rear panels holes can certainly be done on the user end, that's what many forum members have been doing for many years now, or sending them out for machining.  I'll be providing a drilling template though for where I placed the holes on my unit so they did not interfere with the pem nuts on the rear of the chassis.  I will also be providing a drill template for board hole locations, etc for drilling the bottom of the rack unit to mount the boards.

They sound great.  I identical to my GSSL (I used the same types of components for a fair taste test), but with alot more standard features, much easier streamlined build, and no more headaches.  At the heart of this thing it's still a GSSL, only with most of the external features incorporated, turbo incorporated by default, PS issues fixed (no more noise problems), assembly made much more streamlined and easier, etc.  The evolution of it has been well documented on this thread.  The other nice thing is all of the years of help thread questions, troublshooting, etc - are still relevant to my design as the heart of the Audio and Sidechain circuitry is still the same.  Although, I don't forsee people having any assembly issues, wiring, etc will be very well documented with color pictures and instructions, etc.  I will be providing full support also, as I stand behind my work.

I have built 2 units now, and both of them powered up on the first try with no errors, and I have a very heavy solder hand too lol.