SA-3A (LA-3A Clone) Support Thread

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Feb 5, 2014
Brooklyn, NY
Sliding some braided shielding cable over the power link wire did it for me without having to ground it or anything. I guess it creates enough of a faraday cage to stop radiated E-fields. It actually made no difference if I grounded it or not, and I secured heatshrink over the ends to make sure it couldn't short out on either side of the cable. I also had to cable-tie the assembly against a nearby cable to make sure the shield was squished down tight against the wiring to get rid of every last bit of hum, which is why I recommend using proper 3-4 conductor shielded cabling. Gotham 85225 cable would be luxurious, but you could also probably do with Mogami W2893 since the SA3A doesn't draw much current

This is what I used for shielding FYI:

Hopefully can post some pix soon!