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Question @igs !

Looking for 3510 10k:600 data but I'm confused, DCR value don't match between website and pdf ?
Also can we have confirmation of pri and sec inductance ?

Hello friends!
I have heard good things about Igor's transformers (igs member here on the group), UTM Transformers, from many DIY enthusiasts. I became curious.
After testing different transformers (neutrik, cinemag, beyer or even custom, modified by me from those found in the DI-box for a suitable ratio) I decided to try the UTM brand as well.
I ordered 4 pieces of UTM0587. Easy order, excellent communication, fast delivery.
The transformers are very well built, consistent (they all measure the same), with a large and quality core.
Impatiently I quickly ran tests in a U87ai-inspired clone, cardioid only, with a 797 CY002 capsule in a B2-Pro headbasket,2N3819Motorola IDSS=8.1 point-to-point construction, on the workbench, partially shielded. The feedback capacitor between 330pF...750pF, gave me a nice Neumann-ish character, varying between U87ai and U87i. The truth is that I can't decide on a specific flavor, so I'll use a multi-position switch. Clear sound, great headroom.
I am convinced that with another capsule I would get a U67fet(?) sound😃
I am glad for the decision to test these truly professional transformers.
Comparisons with other brands and sound samples I will post later.
I recommend with all sincerity
Thank you Igor for your kindness and professionalism!

Looking for any available data on the UTM2582 beyond what’s on the web shop (also FYI the PDF link isn’t working for me). Strikes me as a handy tube mic pre input trafo, like a 10468 et al but +17 instead of +12. Nickel, high headroom, looks good.

I’ve started designing a front end around it that takes advantage of its 1:7.07 and 1:1.77 capabilities, assuming typical 50-250 ohm mics and phantom via two 6K8s up front. Two relays make the changeover, and the load is just a grid with a high value leak. Cool guy way to avoid a U pad.

With an example primary termination of 1K2, parallel/series works out to 60K on the secondary, and series/parallel works out to 3K75 on the secondary. Is there a preferred zorbel across the resultant secondary in either scenario? Any need for a particular ohmic termination?

What’s insertion loss like?
I’ve been using +16dBu and +4dBu voltage gain for downstream calcs, assuming a healthy fraction of a dB will go away.

Another question is reversal, a la the 10468 flip used in the Lola (and countless 30267 applications), but that’s more of a curiosity than a need-to-know. Seems like plenty of inductance is available on the back end if one were to flip it to take a line or instrument input 1:0.141 series/parallel.
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