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Re: [BUILD] NU VARIMU 436 build & help thread
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hello i use the don audio power trafo with 5V AC for V+ (measured 6v).

i tried the voltage doubler mod, as my relays are 12v:

but this mod and all mods ive found will generate a multiplied "DC" voltage.

in my case voltage is rised to +15V/0V (GND)DC . but this dosent seem to work... dont i need 12v AC?
by engaging the bypass switch relays dont "click"

(i havent connected the XLR or Out TX if this is important for the relay circuit)

This is because the transformer voltage of 5v is an R.M.S value & when you double it, rectify & smooth it you will have a peak value.  i.e 1.414 x 10v.   
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Re: [BUILD] NU VARIMU 436 build & help thread
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I think it was an xsm 10k:600, although I'm away from home at the mement so not too sure.  People have said it isn't specced for the d.c but it worked fine while I was testing it,  I then swapped them for the Sowter.     I have experimented with a gain cell using  4x 6bc8 in parallel with that edcor too & that worked well & sounded nice.


Re: [BUILD] NU VARIMU 436 build & help thread New
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by engaging the bypass switch relays dont "click"

EDIT: this is just a reminder, nothing to do with th relay ctrl, i just bumped that here again, someone asked me....don' forget to check that the Frontpanel PCB' are connected to Gnd, there are pads for that, to use Faston or hardwire.

Also check if the hardwired mods are still present under the board, and that the Relay Diodes pre-installed have some pins connected to gnd on Top Copper.
Just to take out that part, as i double check on sending but again who knows... shipping /handling could have fragilise the solder links of the hardwiring or whatever...
Anyway, check to take that part out of the way, if the Supplied voltage is accroding to your Relays min/max Voltages and if the Ribbon wiring etc... is all good, then there should not be any problems on relay clicking.


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