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Luckily, there is more than one way to skin a cat.
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Re: COVID-19
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For some new Covid drama the first reinfection case in the US has been confirmed. For now these seem very rare.

Reportedly two slightly different variant strains of the virus so unclear to me if reinfection by same virus or virus evolving to be different enough to escape existing immune response. (The common cold is also a coronavirus and not preventable by a single vaccine.)

The reinfected US patient reportedly got sicker the second time around (not good).

Some of the vaccines in development report a stronger immune response than our natural immune response to actual infection (a good thing). Older people have weaker immune system responses.


A few days ago I read about a reinfected patient dying...

There are reports that antibodys seem to wane quickly, too:


Re: COVID-19
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"Focused Protection."

Lock down the old and other high risk, and leave everybody else free to go about their business. Yeah, that's going to work, people will comply. The health system won't be completely overwhelmed.   ::)
Can I ASSume the emoticon means you are being satirical, and you don't believe people will comply with guidance? People will generally act in their own self interest, but there may be problems with communicating clear direction in this environment, and getting good information.   

At the store today I saw one man not wearing a mask. (I didn't ask him why).

Those scientists...  ::)

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Re: COVID-19
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So at the moment North Dakota is clocking 1 positive test per 1,000 residents per day.  Leading the nation handily right now, with their only real competition being their downstairs neighbor South Dakota.  Grim.


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