SLQ51X / PREAMPS / DIs - LINK AUDIO DESIGN - New EQ Batch in April


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Dec 15, 2009
Germany - Chemnitz
Hi Friends
Here are my actual Projects
you also can shop via - Preorders options are online
all shipping info for worldwide shipping can found there also

SLQ51X full Kits
I will offer from now SLQ51X full Kits, no partial Kits
One Full Kit is 207 €+ VAT in Europe + Shipping depending on your location.

More Info

Preamps - SL9K-J - SL4K-E01 - SL4K-E49 -SL4K-G91 (Preorder Full Kits - Available Mid of April)

SL9K-J 227€ + VAT in Europe + Shipping
SL4K-E01 (Jensen Transformer) 277€ + VAT in Europe + Shipping
SL4K-G91 / SL4K-E49 225€ + VAT in Europe + Shipping

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P96DI & A72DI Business Card DI Box

PCB 5€ + VAT in Europe + Shipping
Enclosure 25€ + VAT in Europe + Shipping
Electronic Parts 14€ + VAT in Europe + Shipping
Full Kit 42€ + VAT in Europe + Shipping

More Info

51X/VPR Stereo Adapter - NOW New Version available

9€ + VAT in Europe for each PCB PLUS Shipping

More Info

TP812 - 8 Channel Preamp

300 € + VAT in Europe - for a Partial Kit Contains, PCBs, Case, Frontpanels, dual matched Potentiometers, Knobs, Switches, Switch buttons. PLUS Shipping
500 € + VAT in Europe - for a Full Kit PLUS Shipping

More Info

To place your order:
- you also can shop via
all shipping info for worldwide shipping can found there also
- or Send PM or Email to
- Payment via paypal, Please make sure the currency is in EUR
- Include your username and your shipping address

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



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Jun 4, 2004
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In my experience there is a lack in tracking between leaving Germany and arriving in the US, and ocean freight is taking even longer than expected. said:
Please note that effective September 15, 2020, DHL will ship some products to the US via ocean freight until further notice. As a result, very lengthy transit times of at least 25 to 30 days should be expected. For destinations in the western United States or in remote regions, the transit time may be considerably longer.

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