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Re: REW Update
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What would be the Nyquest frequency?

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Re: REW Update
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Works ok for me on Xp ,
M audio transit with external conversion ,
Tried Centrance axeport ,but cant prevent a portion of input signal appearing on the HP outputs , there is a slider in software to reduce how much direct signal reaches the outputs ,but that seems to have no effect . Tried Asio4all using the inputs from the axeport and the outs from the transit , didnt work right but might be the settings ,more testing required . Distortion of about 0.002% was as good as I have been able to get so far .


Re: REW Update
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I've been using REW to test some win server installs   :)   

It's so easy to install/un-install, as well as being   very stable and well-exercising of the available hardware   ..  tells mountains about the platform 'horse power'.

Looking forward to test with a modern interface ...  I'm leaning towards a Presonus box right now.

While testing Win platforms for stability and throughput, I've gotten to like the 'Presonus - Studio One DAW'  application.

I'm using the free version from Presonus right now, which is nothing on the Studio One 4 Pro   flagship.
Very impressed indeed with the 'Presonus  Studio One'    sound quality and  especially,  the speed and the lack of bloatware   :)   

I'm sure I hear additional details on myself playing on 'takes'  from years ago

On my ancient Motu interface  (early 2000s pci-e card with asio)   and Win Server 2016 on   'yesterdays fast AMD hardware'

..the sound is      ..   brilliant  :)

Next stop  is an upgrade to some  AMD 'Ryzen 2700X'  action   :)   

SSD storage all round with   the  Presonus  ' usb3 192' interface and   Studio One 4'  DAW   combo.

That should do me for the next 20yrs   8)

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Re: REW Update
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I also like (on paper) very much,  the Presonus Quantum interface, with the thunderbolt 2 ..  however, in the Win world, that's not so common.

thunderbolt 3 - sure thing - my fav Win mobo makers do proper 'tb3 add in boards' for the right price

So, my focus has sh*tfted upwards in price and once again Motu - I've been a user for decades  :)

Specifically, the Motu 828ES   series with Thunderbolt 3 / usb 2.0     ....    8)   

Very nice spec, a lot of improvements on this form factor which motu has occupied for ages.

Of interest is the 'ES'  designation, that 'ES Sabre' device family ... 

Reportedly to be handling some very impressive perf  ...  and hence as a 'REW Measurement System' , of great interest.

Prices are pretty good too ...   :)


For now,  I can get by while I look at platform related things ...  I have a new SSD in the mail, which I am setting up for a couple of different Win configs ...  some new data points   re    perf,  to look at.

Suffice to say, the baseline has shifted big time to the upside over the last 10 years   :)

Hopefully I can get the hardware and os   sorted out   while I decide the main event  ....  'daw application software' .
No to mention, time to 'fund the funds' ...  some selling to do post haste.

I've been''cubase' for ages ( at a relatively  primitive level )    but am really liking 'studio one'   for the slimline experience  ;D 

First impressions of Studio One (free)  are very favourable ..  fab sound, sensible interface, not too much 'overkill' and very snappy in use.  The basic efx plugs were really good .. even the super simple default ones.

My daw automation  'surface' is similarly ancient  -  being a nicely built german 'sac' unit - it's been a champ but very old now. 

Time to ditch it all, and go for a new platform, inteface, daw and surface.

I like the 'single fader' Presonus surface control  box - it's everywhere I want to be now!

Indeed the Presonus coverage of many 'bases'  in the PC world is impressive.

As far as proper digital mix console, I'm still a    Yamaha 03D guy ...  I think I bought it new in  '97 and it still goes strong.

If I was   (and I'm not!)   doing a 'do-over' again (for a second time),   

I would be looking more closely at the Presonus console series - they are easy to find even way down here (geographically speaking).
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